How do we calculate your security score?
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The security assessment score is calculated systematically based on the provider company's responses, with the maximum score of 100 points based on an additive model. The more security measures are taken, the higher the score will be.

If the provider company answers "Undisclosed" to a question, score will not be added to the final score since we cannot determine whether or not measures has been taken.

Please note that the assessment score might be lower than the actual score if the provider company have set those measures as "Undisclosed", even though they have security measures taken in place.

The scores are colored according to the scores. Please use this information as a reference for the level of security measures.

  • 90-100 (Blue) : High standard of security measures are in place.

  • 70-89 (Green) : Standard security measures are in place.

  • 30-69 (Yellow) : Some of the security measures might not be in place.

  • 0-29 (Red) : Low or possibly no security measures are in place.