Assured Logo Resources and Guidelines
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Provider companies may use our trademarks and logos on their websites and in their marketing materials in accordance with the Terms of Use.



Download: PNG SVG


Download: PNG SVG

Brand Color

RGB: 17/66/112

CMYK: 100/80/30/18

HEX: 114270


  • When displaying the logo, please provide sufficient margins around it so that the logo is not obstructed by other design elements or text.

  • To maintain logo visibility, the logo should be at least 125px wide (26mm wide for printed materials).

  • Do not place the logo on a complex background photo that does not maintain visibility or on a background color that significantly detracts from the brand image.

  • Do not deform the logo or change the aspect ratio or color.

  • When using a white logo, make sure that the background (color, pattern, photo, etc.) does not impair the visibility of the logo or significantly detract from the brand image.