Complete the security assessment (After the 1st time)
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This section will guide you through the process of answering our security assessment for the second time and so on as a provider company (cloud service provider).

1. Check your security assessment request email

If there is a security assessment request for you, Assured will send a request email to the email address you have provided.

Please check the email from and click on the URL for registration in the email.

2. Confirm the information of the request and start answering

Select a completed assessment from the pull-down menu for the requested service. If you want to create a new response, select "Create New Assessment."

3.1. Complete and Submit for review

If there are no issues with the selected item (previously completed assessment), click "Complete Assessment*." This completes the requested security assessment process.

*If there are any unanswered questions in the selected result, the "Start Answer" button will appear instead of the "Complete Answering" button, indicating that you need to update your answers in the assessment. Please follow the next step (3.2) to update the answers.

*If you have completed the assessment result but would like to check and update the contents before submitting it, proceed to the next step (3.2).

3.2 To review or update your response before completing your response

To review your answers, click "View Answers."

A separate tab opens the assessment details page, then click on "Edit Answers."

Edit your answers on the Assessment editing page. Once you have completed it, click "Request Review" to request our security review.

We will review your answers, and after the review is completed, the status for the assessment will be updated to "Reviewed." (When the review is complete, you will be notified in your registered email.)

Follow the procedure described in 3.1 for any future request once you have your completed assessment result(s).